Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I remember my dad growing sprouts when I was little, but I didn't realize how easy, fun, and healthy it is for you! Growing micro-greens is growing a little tiny garden right on your kitchen counter.  Just imagine, fresh sprouted anything, grown right at home!

I got my first micro-greens kit for Christmas. It came with a little tray and cover, soil pellets (enough for two "crops"), seeds (broccoli and radish blend), and a little spray bottle to do the delicate watering.

If you buy a kit, it should come with some instructions, as mine did, but I'll walk you through it anyway, because its so fun.

1. Place soil pellets (enough for one batch, they should be separated) into tray and wet with enough water to magically create soil. These things remind me of those little cubes you add water to and they expand into a wash cloth, jeez those were fun. Feel the nostalgia while making soil. Add the water slowly and fluff with a fork, you don't want to make mud, just wet soil.

2. Spread soil evenly across tray. Now sprinkle one of the seed packets onto the soil, trying not to let the seeds clump together.

3. Give it a good spray with your little gentle sprayer. Spray the inside of the lid too. Cover and place in a cool dark place to allow seeds to germinate.

4. About every twelve hours spray seeds to keep them moist. You should see some action within the first 24 hours.

5. When the sprouts are 1 inch tall, remove the lid and place tray on the counter, in the sun if you can. Keep them moist! At this point you don't really have to use the mini sprayer, you can just pour a little water around the edges. (I use the sprayer the whole time just because I like it.)

6. Are you keeping track of your days? My micro-greens were ready to harvest a week after starting. They should be 3 to 4 inches tall. Trim close to the bottom with scissors and enjoy!!

Studies have shown that micro greens can contain up to five times the amount of vitamins and carotenoids than their mature variations. So grow your greens less, to get more. 

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