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About Adrienne McDonald

I was born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho; a beautiful small town on a lake in the mountains. I grew up gardening, picking fruit, and baking with my mom any chance I got. Travel and adventure brought me to Maui, Hawaii when I was 19 years old. Now, over ten years later, I'm married to my soulmate (my Aussie surfer dream boy), and I'm studying nutrition at University of Hawaii. 

We currently live in Honolulu, surrounded by waves, endless inspiration, and open opportunities. My time is filled with schoolwork and study sessions but supplemented with running, surfing, hiking, and my favorite, eating!

I have a passion for cooking; I cook for work, I cook at home, I cook for friends, but I mostly cook for myself (and my wonderful husband). I want only the healthiest, tastiest, most organic, local, and nutrient rich foods to go into my body. And the best way to make sure that happens, is to make it all myself. 

This blog is a way to document my progress, experiments, and projects. It also keeps me motivated to stay healthy and creative in the kitchen throughout the busy years of college life. The content I am building will eventually accent my position as a nutritionist and function as a tool to connect with clients.

I call myself an almost vegan because strict rules around diet did not work for me. Morals and beliefs aside, I want to eat a diverse diet of clean, whole, and raw foods without having to put a title on it. I use the word "vegan" to suggest reducing, if not eliminating animal products from the diet, but in a less structured, more casual manner that works with your lifestyle and personal preferences. I believe in eating to make you feel good inside and out. A healthy relationship with food is one free of stress and judgement that results in optimal nourishment and abundant energy.

I find a lot of inspiration from other blogs and recipes online but I love making them my own and experimenting with them. I'm not trying to claim anything or sell anything on this blog. It is an online journal of the things I make in my kitchen and I will try my best to give everyone the credit they deserve!

So, welcome to my journey. A quest for longevity and vitality. A search for balance; to satisfy your hunger, curb your naughty cravings, and fuel your mind, body, and soul. Please share these recipes and spread the love!

Check out my contact and privacy page for more information.

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