Tuesday, July 9, 2013

homemade seedy cereal

This cereal is inspired by two things, Pura Veda, and my co-worker Katie. Pura Veda is a seed mix that both of us found in Australia.  I loved it immediately, putting it in all my smoothies, with my cereal in the morning, and eventually making my own. That was years ago now, but this revised version has most of the same ingredients with a few extras. I got the idea of soaking and cooking the cereal from Katie, she also adds cacao to hers. Thanks Katie, I'm loving my new breakfast!

The best part about it is that it's good hot right off the stove or saved in a jar for breakfast throughout the week! I like to make at least three portions at once; one to eat hot, and two to be jarred and refrigerated.

The dry mix goes like this

equal parts of
  • buckwheat groats
  • millet
  • amaranth
  • quinoa
and a little bit less of
  • sesame seeds
  • chia seeds
  • flax seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds
This is what sits in a in my cupboard, ready for activation.

1 1/2 cups of the mixture usually makes about three portions. Soak seed/grain mixture with water, 1 Tbsp raw cacao powder, a few goji berries, and a pinch of cinnamon overnight in the fridge. The next morning add another 1/2 cup of water and 1/4 cup almond milk and cook on stove top for 10 minutes. You can always add more liquid or less if you like it thicker or thinner, or you want to cook it more (the more you cook it the easier it is on your digestive system). I usually add extra almond milk to make it creamier.

Sooo good with fresh bananas and berries!

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  1. Better idea than Muesli....which I love but sometimes seems too much to handle I rather this textures think! Great idea