Thursday, June 13, 2013

project of the week: sprouting

I’ve been hearing more and more about sprouted grains lately, especially in raw foods. Sprouting seeds and grains allows you enjoy them and all their nutrition without cooking them for hours. Just a few days of soaking and sprouting and you can transform hard dry beans and grains into living plants full of enzymes! 

I could have definitely made my own sprouting jar, which I am still going to do because I already want to start sprouting something new before the first ones are done, but for now I just bought a sprouting jar at Mana Foods. It’s basically a jar with a screen on the top. I am going to use wide mouthed Ball jars and remove the metal disc from the lid, replace it with a screen, and secure it with the rim of the lid. My jar is a Rainbow Acres Sprouting Jar, the 24 oz. version. 

I started with good ‘ol lentils, of the green variety. Along with the instruction sheet that came with my jar, and advice from friends and other blogs, I have come up with a method:

I started with about a cup of lentils, which I have now discovered is a little too much for my 24 oz. jar, the sprouts are getting pretty packed. So, next I’ll try ¾ cup. Rinse seeds thoroughly with fresh water, and allow to soak overnight. Make sure to use enough water, at least a two to one ratio. 

Rinse seeds again in the morning and place jar at a 45 degree angle to drain. You want airflow getting in through the screen but also water to drain out easily. I put my jar in a bowl on an angle, but I think I am going to construct a little prop for it. 

Rinse again in the evening, making sure to swirl around the water, giving every seed a good rinse. Continue to rinse twice daily, always keeping jar at an angle for draining and ventilation, for about two or three more days. These lentil are on their 3rd day of sprouting after the initial soak. Almost ready! 

When sprouts are ready, about an inch coming out of the seed, give them one final rinse, and store in the refrigerator. Once they are in the fridge they won’t continue to grow. The sprouts can be stored in the fridge for up a week.

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